The quest is for the story. What story is worth your life?
— Barbara Waugh

A cultural explorer, I write about topics at the intersection of business, culture and social change. In life and as a writer, I'm on a quest to discover and celebrate the distinctive tastes, voices, perspectives and experiences of a region. I'm particularly interested in "maker" activism: the individuals and organizations using their craft to project a vision for and thus invent the future. Specifically included in this changemaker genre are regional initiatives that provide perspective - and proof of concept - for designing a more engaged and resilient society.

Published work includes book reviews, columns, interviews and opinion pieces. A representative sample is listed below, including links to online articles and excerpts (.pdf download) from Women In Technology International's Savvy Magazine, where I was the Book Editor and Technically Speaking columnist, and Personal Branding Magazine, where I wrote a Living the Brand column.

Living on the North Olympic Peninsula - or in any rural area - is a calculated risk. Essential resources such as power and water are more than a quality of life issue. Without effective governance, what’s at risk is not only the resource infrastructure, but our business infrastructure, our social fabric and our way of life.

Making a life is as important as making a living. It’s not an either-or decision.
— Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery & Mark Thompson