Nina Burokas


I'm a system thinker, driven by creative discontent and an ability to see things both as they are and as they could be. I consider "what if" two of the most beautiful - and powerful - words in the English language. They are also the two words that best define me and my approach to business, life...our world and our role in it.

A dual Finance and Marketing MBA, my core expertise is business and brand strategy. I've launched products and programs, led rebranding and strategic planning initiatives, implemented business model and business process transformations and managed people, projects, operations and budgets. Business was my first language. I've written and directed the production of development, marketing and HR-related materials ranging from ads and annual reports to newsletters and web site content. 

My clients are primarily small businesses and non-profit organizations engaged in advocacy, agriculture, the arts, education and sustainability. Recent engagements have entailed developing strategic and tactical plans and providing related HR and marketing-communications implementation support, including developing procedures, forms and templates and processes and training staff.

I delight in exploring its myriad forms....its ability to celebrate, to communicate, to give hope, make meaning and build a bridge to the future. I use words consciously, with a keen awareness of their ability to spark or extinguish curiosity. I believe in the importance of creating - in our workplaces and in our communities - environments where people feel safe taking creative risks: exploring new ways of seeing, doing, being. 

I use language to bring a specific vision into focus...a vision of shared possibilities.